The German military used Enigma cipher machines to encode all of their important communications. The breaking of these Enigma codes (as depicted in the movie “The Imitation Game”) is credited with shortening the war by two years, saving thousands of lives, and perhaps keeping Hitler from developing the atomic bomb. This talk will explain in detail how the Enigma works and trace the fascinating history of the cracking of the Enigma codes, and it will explain the real story behind the “Imitation Game.” Tom Perera is a retired professor of neuroscience who specialized in research on the coding of information in the human brain and nervous system. He has been hunting for, collecting, researching, restoring and writing about Enigmas and their history for over 25 years. He located and restored the Enigma that stars in the “Imitation Game.” He provides extensive Enigma information through his Enigma book, his lectures and his website: