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A panel discussion with Justine O’Keefe, Dr. Cardy Raper, and Alice Eckles

Justine O’Keefe’s first book, a historical novel, was based on her grandmother’s childhood. Scattered Pages is a new historical novel exploring a young woman’s struggle to discover the truth surrounding her childhood abandonment, even as the United States is pulled into World War I. The book spans generations, offers great insight and detail into an important time in U.S. history.

As an honorary Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and author of numerous scientific writings, Dr. Cardy Raper stands as a fantastic role model for young women. In her memoir, A Woman of Science: An Extraordinary Journey of Love, Discovery, and the Sex Life of Mushrooms, she speaks of the challenges of raising a family amid two adults’ advancing careers at a time when the concept of mothers working outside the home was exceedingly rare. In her new book An American Harvest: How One Family Moved From Dirt-Poor Farming to a Better Life In The Early 1900’s, she brings readers into her husband’s childhood. This family memoir, in the tradition of oral history, conveys the inside-outs of what it was like for a growing family to eke out a living on an eroded tobacco farm in the South. See www.cardyraper.com for details.

After moving to Middlebury Alice Eckles shifted from teaching visual art to writing. She authored a Phrase Book for Spiritual Emergencies published in 2009 and more recently a novel: The Literature Preferred by Wild Boar. Not your typical tale of post-apocalyptic doom, her novel is ultimately a story of hope.