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Bookstock: Jack Mayer

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Jack Mayer is a Vermont writer and pediatrician who established Rainbow Pediatrics in Middlebury in 1991 where he continues to practice pediatrics. His first non-fiction book was Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project. His new novel, Before the Court of Heaven, explores how Germany’s Weimar Democracy became the Third Reich – a cautionary tale. [Noon Saturday, Library Mezzanine] In Germany, after World War I, Ernst Techow, son of a magistrate, joins the violent right-wing response to Germany’s defeat, a clandestine assassination network, early Nazis, trying to destroy Germany’s fledgling democracy. He helps murder Walther Rathenau, Germany’s highest-ranking Jew. While on trial for his life, Ernst receives an unfathomable offer of forgiveness that jolts his surety in the fascist cause and sets him on a complex and harrowing journey of redemption. Before the Court of Heaven considers how ordinary people became complicit in extraordinary crimes. It explores the complexity of redemption, and the power of forgiveness. Dr. Mayer will show Power Point slides of Weimar as part of his presentation, as well as read from his book.