2017,  Bookstock,  Reading and Literature

BOOKSTOCK Marcos Stafne

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Woodstock’s Own John Cotton Dana: Innovator of Libraries and Museums. Marcos Stafne, executive director of the Montshire Museum of Science is always on the lookout for inspirational museum leaders. His dream came true when he walked into Woodstock’s own Dana House and was reintroduced to John Cotton Dana. [3:00 Friday, History Center]Born in 1856 in Woodstock, Vermont, John Cotton Dana was a force of innovation for both libraries and museums. His approach to a universal, democratic education still resonates deeply with those who push the boundaries of progressive learning. A scholar of museums, Stafne holds a PhD in Urban Education from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Through Dana’s own words, Stafne will explore the continuous journey to democratize libraries and museums so that they may accessible to all.”