A Shirtwaist Story by Montpelier, Vermont artist, illustrator, and writer Delia Robinson examines the haunting memories of Peter, descended from owners of a notorious sweatshop, The Triangle Shirtwaist Company. Colorful, evocative art explores Peter’s relationship to his family and their response to the factory fire in 1911, a highly visible and deadly tragedy. [1:00 Friday, History Center]Public outrage demanded new laws concerning labor relations and worker safety, issues still threatened today. The role of immigrants in our culture also received widespread attention for the victims were newly arrived and mostly women. A slide presentation using archival photographs illustrates the conditions at the time; Hester Street on the lower East Side crowded from the immigration waves of the early 20th century, substandard housing, and jobs in dangerous workplaces. Illustrations from the book will guide a discussion on how this unique creation came to be published, plus some decisions made in shaping it.