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20190710 NWPL Tyler Chadwick Letters

Tune in for a reading and presentation by Adelaide McCracken, author of the Tyler-Chadwick Letters. 

Description from Norman Williams Public Library 

They were teenagers when they met at a New Years Eve party in Williamsburg, Virginia. Together, Margaret Tyler and Stephen Chadwick welcomed in 1914. When they saw each other again in the spring at a dance in Williamsburg they fell in love. True love. A week later Chadwick returned to his native Washington state.

In the golden age of letter writing, even World War could not keep them apart. Margaret’s 1917 Christmas card to Chad found him in the U.S. Army, a first lieutenant, training to fight in World War I. The couple’s letters, crossing battle lines and ten thousand miles, tell the story of their courtship and their deepening relationship.

Their story has a fascinating backdrop. Chad was not sent to France as he had expected, but to Siberia with the American Expeditionary Forces to participate in the Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War. His letters give a firsthand account of Siberia during this chaotic period when a large group of Allied nations sent troops to Russia with no clear goal in mind. His letters’ cast of characters includes British, French, Canadian, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Russian and Cossack soldiers, as well as the local Siberian peasants.

The power of letters, for many a long-lost art poorly replaced by email and social media, is revealed in this complex and far-reaching story.

Adelaide McCracken is the granddaughter of Margaret Gardiner Tyler and Stephen Fowler Chadwick. She lives in Barnard, Vermont and has a B.A. in Art History from Wellesley College. This is her first book.”