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20190719 Pentangle: Early Risers

About the band:

Acoustic Folk

We’re making a DUO Album!

Since we first started playing music together, over three years ago, we have toured across the country, playing shows from California to Vancouver; from Chicago to Texas to Tennessee. People kept asking us at shows: “When are you going to make a duo album?” Well, we’re finally doing it. We’ve worked up a whole new batch of songs — some of Putnam’s, some of Ashley’s — and are excited to get into the studio to get them all down on “tape!”

How “The Early Risers” Came To Be

We started as separate songwriters, drawn to each other’s music. We’d occasionally back each other up with vocal harmonies or some guitar or banjo accompaniment. Through playing shows and touring, our sound and style has grown into something new and entirely its own. Our new songs, especially, have been crafted with a new synergy. At some point we decided to stop referring to this new sound as simply “Ashley Storrow & Putnam Smith,” and we became The Early Risers.

Visit their website www.earlyrisersmusic.com to learn more about them. “