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    Bookstock: Sara Widness

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    ” The Dusky Afternoon: An Oregon Childhood immerses readers in a post-World War II rural Oregon where logging trucks laden with timber rumbled along gravel roads and moonshine was secreted in nearby shadows. [1:00 Friday, St James Parish Hall] Here a man’s measure was taken not by his wealth or success but by his toil, and a woman was assessed not by her virtues but by her virtue. Rivers and reputations rose and fell swiftly. Electricity came to this rural area almost to the day the girl and her family arrived at the farm. Lowell and Fall Creek were charged for change.

    The author holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Stanford University. Writing has been her life as a journalist/editor and public relations executive for nearly 50 years. She will explore why she prefers to apply her own brush strokes and choose her own colors for her books. This means self publishing.” 

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    Bill Mares, raised in Texas, educated at Harvard, has been a reporter-photographer, state legislator and high school teacher. He has authored or co-authored 17 books ranging from the Marine Corps to workplace democracy, from war memorials to Presidential fishing. With UVM Professor Frank Bryan he wrote four books of Vermont humor including the best-selling “Real Vermonters Don’t Milk Goats.” Together with cartoonist Jeff Danziger Mares assembled almost a score of Vermonters’ responses to the 2016 Election. About “The Full Vermonty,” Cong. Peter Welch wrote: People are always asking me: Peter, what can I do about Trump and what’s going on in Washington? My answer: Read this book. It’s a marvelous collection of wit, wisdom, passion and bite on how Vermont should react to the Trump administration. I’m proud to represent these writers and artists in Washington.” Mares is married to Chris Hadsel. They have two sons and live in Burlington.

    Jeff Danziger was born in New York City. He attended the University of Denver and following graduation moved to Vermont. After Vietnam as a linguist and intelligence officer, Jeff began drawing and writing for the Rutland Herald and in 1980 began as a cartoonist for the New York Daily News, moving to the Christian Science Monitor in Boston where he was staff cartoonist until 1996. He has published ten books of cartoons, and one novel about the Vietnam War, Rising Like the Tucson, Doubleday 1993. His artwork and occasional writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The New Yorker, the International Herald Tribune, LeMonde, Izvestia and the Moscow Times among others, and on the Washington Post editorial page on September 12, 2001. In 2002 he joined the New York Times Syndicate. He has been twice short-listed for the Pulitzer Prize and was awarded an Overseas Press Club Prize in 1998.

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    Bookstock: Bruce Coffin

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    Bookstock Literary Festival has local speaker Bruce Coffin!

    “Bruce Coffin was born and raised in Woodstock, and has maintained a close connection to the village since going away for college and graduate studies and a career of teaching English in independent schools in England and in this country.

    In his evocative memoir, The Long Light of Those Days,which has been called “a Proustian feat of memory and imagination,” he affectionately recollects the Woodstock of his childhood and youth in the 1940s and 50s and, in the process, reflects upon the persistence of memory and the indelibility of the past. His Bookstock presentation will offer a selection of passages from the book, along with slides and commentary, to bring back some of the lost places and people of that time and will consider the ways in which Woodstock is and is not what it used to be.”

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    Music Performance: Cloudland Road

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    Pentangle presents: opening act from the Chris Pierce concert, Cloudland Road. “The concert opens with a performance by local talent Cloudland Road, an acoustic pop duo. The duo features Dylan Keith and Chris von Staats, talented guitarists and vocalists who perform inventive arrangements of bands ranging from Radiohead to Van Morrison. Learn more about Dylan and Chris at dylanandchris.bandcamp.com.”

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    Bookstock: Jack Mayer

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    Jack Mayer is a Vermont writer and pediatrician who established Rainbow Pediatrics in Middlebury in 1991 where he continues to practice pediatrics. His first non-fiction book was Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project. His new novel, Before the Court of Heaven, explores how Germany’s Weimar Democracy became the Third Reich – a cautionary tale. [Noon Saturday, Library Mezzanine] In Germany, after World War I, Ernst Techow, son of a magistrate, joins the violent right-wing response to Germany’s defeat, a clandestine assassination network, early Nazis, trying to destroy Germany’s fledgling democracy. He helps murder Walther Rathenau, Germany’s highest-ranking Jew. While on trial for his life, Ernst receives an unfathomable offer of forgiveness that jolts his surety in the fascist cause and sets him on a complex and harrowing journey of redemption. Before the Court of Heaven considers how ordinary people became complicit in extraordinary crimes. It explores the complexity of redemption, and the power of forgiveness. Dr. Mayer will show Power Point slides of Weimar as part of his presentation, as well as read from his book. jackmayer.net