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    Bookstock Brooke Herter James- “Why Did the Farmer Cross the Road?”

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    “Brooke Herter James is the debut author of Why Did the Farmer Cross the Road?, a picture book for young children, as well as The Widest Eye, a collection of poems for adults. She is an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, a student of the Gotham Writers Workshop, and a graduate of the Yale Writers’ Conference. She lives in a very old house in Vermont with her husband, two donkeys (actually, the donkeys live in the barn), and a dog named Mack. Following a reading of Why Did the Farmer Cross the Road?, Brooke will happily recount the story of her book’s circuitous and somewhat improbable path to publication. Spoiler: It all started one summer afternoon when her donkey quite unexpectedly showed up on the kitchen stoop!”

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    BOOKSTOCK Philip Baruth

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    “Philip Baruth’s  Senator Leahy: A Life in Scenes takes us deep into the blockbuster life of America’s most senior Senator. [3:00 Saturday, History Center]Having vaulted into the United States Senate at the tender age of 34, Patrick Leahy is now the longest serving member of that institution – just third in line to the Presidency when Democrats hold control.  Baruth focuses on Leahy’s cultivation of a “Top Cop” persona both in the media and at the ballot box, not only in post-Watergate Vermont, but in a post-9/11 America viciously divided between the Red states and the Blue. Philip Baruth is a professor of English at the University of Vermont and served as the majority leader of the Vermont Senate from 2012–2016. An award-winning commentator for Vermont Public Radio, he’s the author of several acclaimed novels, most recently The X President selected as a New York Times Notable Book of 2003; and The Brothers Boswell  a Washington Post Best Book of the Year 2009.”

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    Bookstock: Richard Hawley

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    “Richard Hawley’s The Three Lives of Jonathan Force explores the experience of its protagonist from his first sense impression to his last breath. In the course of that journey the youthful Jonathan’s vivid spiritual connectedness to the natural world and to intimate others is nearly chafed out of him by prevailing cultural expectations. Improbably—and impressively—Jonathan emerges as a famous and widely published interpreter of cultural events. [2:00 Friday, NWPL Mezzanine]His eponymous books—Force Fields, The Uses of Force, Reasonable Force—elevate him to the status of a contemporary Freud or Margaret Mead or Marshall McCluhan, to the extent that the culture comes to think as much with his ideas as about them. In late middle life he is visited by a life-changing revelation that carries him to a surprising spiritual renewal. A lifelong teacher and writer, Richard Hawley has published more than twenty books, including several novels, collections of poetry, and literary non-fiction, primarily about children and schools.”

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    20190726 Bookstock: Chris Dant

    Join local author Christopher Dant reading from his new novel Rescue, which recounts the heartwarming story between a man and his dog that find salvation in one another. Set in Vermont, a war hero lives in his confined world of PTSD until the day he receives an extraordinary and memorable service dog who transforms him heart and soul.

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    Bookstock: Chris Pierce Concert

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    “Chris Pierce is a singer, songwriter, guitar player, and a renowned harmonica virtuoso, who has appeared worldwide with major artists. As a musician, he also has an alter ego – the Reverend Tall Tree.  As Tall Tree, Pierce is a shouting, moaning, stomping, shuffling and hollering blues and American roots performer in the tradition of Little Walter, Howling Wolf and Bo Diddley. [7:30 Saturday, Town Hall Theater]

    This year, Pierce’s eclectic talents have led him to deliver a TED talk, titled The Healing Powers of Music. Also, the hit song he co-wrote, We Can Always Come Back to This, was featured on the television show, This is Us, and was rated as top 20 on Billboard Rock and R&B charts.

    Pierce has released six independent albums worldwide. He has appeared, or opened, with a long list of musical greats: B.B.King, Al Green, Aaron Neville, Dr. John, Beth Hart, Sonia Dada, and many more. His voice and music have been heard in films and television shows, including Grey’s Anatomy, Rosewood, In Plain Sight, Dawson’s Creek, Brothers & Sisters, Army Wives and Crash.

    Chris Pierce has written this about his art: Songwriting has given me a unique opportunity to be a lifelong student of human expression and emotion and it has helped me in good times and less fortunate times. It’s a true blessing to be a conduit of musical healing to others. Songwriting has no known limits and music is here for all of us. Music represents emotional freedom.”

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    BOOKSTOCK Lambert, McCabe & Crum

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    The Outside Story: Local Writers Explore The Nature Of New Hampshire & Vermont


    The Center for Northern Woodlands Education has formed a community of writers who share their curiosity about nature in Northern Woodlands magazine and in a series of weekly articles featured in Twin State newspapers since 2002. The Center’s assistant director, Dan Lambert, will introduce the second compilation of these articles, The Outside Story: Local Writers Explore the Nature of New Hampshire and Vermont. Two of the authors will then read from the book.
    Declan McCabe is a community ecologist and chair of the Biology Department at St. Michael’s College. He has authored twenty peer-reviewed publications in science and education journals and writes for The Outside Story on topics relating to macroinvertebrates and freshwater ecosystems.
    Howard Krum is an aquatic animal veterinarian who combines his love for animals and creative communication in entertaining essays and books. He is the author of the award-winning book series, An Animal Life, and is the former head veterinarian at the Georgia Aquarium and the New England Aquarium.
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    BOOKSTOCK Marcos Stafne

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    Woodstock’s Own John Cotton Dana: Innovator of Libraries and Museums. Marcos Stafne, executive director of the Montshire Museum of Science is always on the lookout for inspirational museum leaders. His dream came true when he walked into Woodstock’s own Dana House and was reintroduced to John Cotton Dana. [3:00 Friday, History Center]Born in 1856 in Woodstock, Vermont, John Cotton Dana was a force of innovation for both libraries and museums. His approach to a universal, democratic education still resonates deeply with those who push the boundaries of progressive learning. A scholar of museums, Stafne holds a PhD in Urban Education from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Through Dana’s own words, Stafne will explore the continuous journey to democratize libraries and museums so that they may accessible to all.”