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WHC Wolf Peaches, Poisoned Peas and Madame Pompadour’s Underwear

Woodstock Historical Society 20180325 The Surprising History of Common Garden Vegetables

April 11, 2018 2018, Woodstock History Center

WHC: “Double Talk on Doubleday by Rowand Brucken

Woodstock History Center presents “Double Talk on Doubleday” How and Why a Civil War General invented America’s Game of Baseball with Professor Rowand Brucken

The Civil War in the Trans- Mississippi

Woodstock History Center presents: The Battle For The Far West

November 24, 2017 2017, History, Woodstock History Center

Douglas Brooks- An Apprentice Boatbuilder in Japan.

Vermont Humanities Council & Woodstock History Center presents Douglas Brooks- An Apprentice Boatbuilder in Japan


Ecology and Geology of Vermont with Eric Hanson

The Ecology & Geology of Vermont: The Shaping of Our Landscape with Eric Hanson. at the Woodstock Historical Center

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