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Woodstock Community Television (WCTV8) is a volunteer not-for-profit corporation that has been an important local resource since 2001.  Our programming airs on Comcast channel 8, and is available on-demand here on our website.

We film a wide variety of school and community events, and local government meetings that affect you and your town.  In addition to local Select Board and School Board meetings, we cover performances and competitions including many presented by the Pentangle Arts Council, the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation, the Woodstock History Center, Zack’s Place, Bookstock, the Ottauquechee Health Foundation, and community school and sporting events.

We are the source of unfiltered information about local governance, and we help provide the transparency that helps keep our democracy strong by informing and engaging community members.

WCTV8 is a resource for all who would like to make their voices heard.  We welcome, and receive, programming from local organizations with public service announcements, and from individuals who want to express their views on particular issues.

And, everyday, our programming goes directly to the living rooms of housebound seniors, many who might otherwise be unable to share in and enjoy the rich variety of events only offered on WCTV8.

We would like to continue to improve the quality and consistency of our programming and expand our coverage even further.  Although fees from Comcast subscribers fund most of our annual operating budget, we need additional capital funding to add to, update, and maintain our aging cameras, microphones, lights, editing stations, and broadcasting equipment.

If you feel you can help, we appreciate your support!

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